Paragon Relocation’s Customer Reviews – May 2011

first place ribbon 148x300 Paragon Relocations Customer Reviews   May 2011Paragon Relocation has for years prided itself on excellent customer service for our customers who we relocate all over the world. Recently on this blog and internally we have been celebrating the reviews of our customers who have rated us with an Excellent rating. (The positive reviews for the month always rotate at right of this blog post in the sidebar on the blog). Now we also want to spread the news in form of a blog post as well each month about what a great job our Relocation Consultants are doing. In addition to posting these reviews here we have also been posting these internally on our Relocation Consultant “Wall of Fame” because ultimately we measure success on if our relocating customers believe we did an excellent job.

Below you will find reviews from Paragon Relocation’s customers from the previous month:

Barb did a great job for us. I was impressed with Barb M’s responsiveness, ability to dig into the details and answer questions, and overall support.

Leslie did a wonderful job – she was incredibly responsive and provided great guidance.

I was very pleased with Nancy and her coordination of my move.

It was great working with Steve. He made the relocation process easier.

This is the second time that I have moved with Paragon. Both times Candy Berger was my relocation consultant. She has been excellent to work with. She is very knowledgable of the process and has been extremely helpful with both moves. I have and will recommend Candy to anyone that is moving with Paragon.

I am happy with Otis’s co-ordination & his quick responses. I really appreciate his work. A quick response through e-mail & on phone is very important, as we are not in face to face. Good work Otis. Thanks!

Overall a great process. Made my move very easy.

I felt Otis Lau, my Paragon Consultant in Hong Kong handled our introduction to relocation very thoroughly, professionally and politely. He followed throughon my questions on time and did everything he could to resolve any concerns I had.

One point of contact is GREAT. Barbara does a wonderful job.

Sheila was a great help in my relocation. She really helped make the move easier to deal with as I faced issues and obstacles with advice, tips and support.

Excellent job from the Paragon consultant (Nancy Johnson). Always very responsive and emphatic.

I would like to thank everybody, especially Pam Shepardson, and everyone involved for the excellent service I received in my move. They did a superb job and I am very satisfied.

Excellent service, very pleased with the entire process.

A professional Consultant and excellent relocation team helped me a lot to arrange anything and make this easier for me on this my first relocation. Thanks guys! Good Job!

This was by far the best experience I have had. I credit two people with my high level of satisfaction. Dawn Harbeck, my relocation agent with Paragon & Amy Vonachen, my destination (Peoria area) realtor. They were both very helpful and went above and beyond to make my move a success. They worked long hours, answered and returned phone calls, emails, and text messages very quickly, and ensured that every aspect of my move was well coordinated.

This has been a great experience for me during this entire process. It made the transition to a new city and a new position stress free. Kelly Brady was very helpful and patient when I had concerns or questions.

Debbie was very helpful in making this process go as smoothly as possible. The best consultant we’ve had through Paragon to date. Great Job!

Jessica has done an excellent job for our relocation.

Francesca Natali was amazing! She’s very responsive and professional. Her manager should be pleased and promote her!

Excellent service and responsiveness. I would highly recommend Paragon to anyone relocating with a corporation.

Very positive experience, very happy with the relocation.

Debbie was a great relocation consultant. We enjoyed working with her. Overall it was a good experience in a bad housing market.

I couldn’t ask for better service from my Relocation Consultant Leslie Carrballo, she was always available and if she didn’t have the answers to my questions she would follow up and get the answer in a reasonable timeframe.

Barbara Moskal was excellent.

Our Paragon Consultant (Jessica Stroede) was fantastic!! Absolutely, hands- down the best!

Want to emphasize the outstanding work by my Paragon consultant Jessica Stroede, she has been extremely helpful, professional and responsive.

Rick Krause was terrific! He answered all our questions quickly and clearly. We were never confused or left wondering about anything… he was extremely helpful in every regard.

Very satisfied with the service provided.

Otis is professional in providing assistance and his service standard is very good.

Overall, I have found the Paragon Relocation service very beneficial and informative due to the level of service that my Paragon consultant displayed. The level of commitment is beyond exceptional to which I would recommend this service further. If there has been any queries to date, my consultant has overcome them with a high degree of detail and knowledge. The response time is also another factor for which my consultant can be commended. I have never been made to wait for an answer, as he was always prompt in his reply. Thankyou again for your excellent service.

LaTardra was very prompt and professional, welcoming any questions I had and thoroughly explaining the process.

Excellent job! Thank you!

Was very pleased with Delia and Bonnie’s responses and help in relocation. Thank you very much.

My overall experience and communication with my Paragon Consultant has been straight forward and excellent. Jessica Stroede provided all the appropriate information and guidance from the start of my assignment, such as explaining all of my benefits. She also helped me through all of the issues that I have had that fall under her jurisdiction and for other occasions where she could not assist she guided me to the appropriate people and for that if this scale was from one to ten she would qualify as a ten.

Let us know if you have any other stories where you have received great customer service from Paragon Relocation!

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