Google bolsters foreign employment in Ireland

Of all the firms operating in Ireland, Google has been given the most work permits in 2013.

According to, the company has received 131 work permits for non-nationals this year. Although the figure is a drop from 2012, when 147 permits were issued, Google excelled over other firms. Facebook was among those firms, as it only received a third of the permits that it was allocated in 2012. In the previous year, 91 permits were issued to the social networking company, but only 31 were received in 2013.

The Irish government issued a total of 2,905 work permits in 2013. Google received about 4.5 percent of the total. The drop in the tech company's allocation accompanies a drop in total permits, which are down by about 30 percent from 2012.

Workers from India, Japan, the United States, Israel, Hong Kong and Iran are more likely to be accepted for an Irish work permit than Mauritians and other groups without the desired experience. Applicants from these countries have the skills needed to cover labor deficiencies in the tech sector, whereas other sectors are not starved for qualified workers.

"Given the economic climate, the availability of labor, and the fact that the employment permit system is only applicable where skill and labor shortages exist, the numbers of permit applications and consequent numbers of permits issued have been showing a downward trend since 2010," stated a spokesman for the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

Job growth in Ireland
A few U.S. companies have started operations in Dublin and Cork to provide 83 new jobs in the country.

Business and Leadership reports four companies – Sound and Sea Technologies, Improv Asylum, Strategic Marketing Innovations and Bayne Law Group – have been brought to Dublin and Cork through the government's "Succeed in Ireland Initiative."

SST is based in Washington and will bring 55 jobs to Cork through the creation of two new operations. The company offers ocean and marine engineering services around undersea systems. These services include analysis, installation, engineering development and fabrication.

Bayne Law Group, a legal consultancy based in New Jersey, will provide six new jobs in Cork.

SMI's main operations are in Washington D.C. The technology consulting and government relations company will provide 10 jobs in Dublin. Improv Asylum will also create employment opportunities in Dublin. By 2016, the company will have made 12 positions available.