White Papers

Going Out to Bid for Relocation Management Services

As you go out to bid for relocation services, there are critical components in evaluating supplier partners that you should consider. Price, while important, may not always be the most important factor in choosing your future supplier partner. In this webinar/video, we take an in-depth look at all the criteria that you should consider and examine best practices in the bid/proposal process. Click here to begin the program.

Managing Relocation for Shared Services Managers

Managing numerous human resource and talent management functions is challenging even for the most experienced professionals. In this webinar/video, Joseph Morabito, President and CEO of Paragon Relocation, offers insightful information on how to best administer the relocation aspects of your responsibilities and build an effective relationship with your relocation management provider. Click here to begin the program.

Trends in Relocation

This webinar/video offers insightful information on the current market dynamics of the relocation industry and the emerging trends that will dictate the future of relocation. Presented by Joseph Morabito, President and CEO of Paragon Global Resources, Inc. Click here to begin the program.

The New Normal in Relocation

Can your BVO program withstand an IRS audit? What is your responsibility in that process? Why is it harder to get a mortgage? What can be done to shorten the process? The answers to these and other questions are answered in this informative webinar/video presented by Ken Hecht, Partner with Plageman, Lund & Beatie LLP, and Mary Legate, Senior Vice President of Paragon Relocation. Click here to begin the program.

Visa and Immigration Challenges

Because global demand for skilled labor exceeds the supply, recruiting foreign talent is critical. Equally critical is the ability to retain globally competent employees and balance expatriate family needs, while at the same time ensuring your company is in compliance with current immigration policy. Paragon explored these issues in a recent Survey, “Visa and Immigration Challenges”. The goal of the survey is to take the pulse of the relocation industry related to various important topics and report back the findings and conclusions, along with Paragon’s proposed solutions and recommendations.

Trends and Best Practices for Global Mobility Programs

As relocation volume stabilizes and shows signs of a slow, but steady recovery, early indicators suggest 2010 will be a year of program re-calibration. The U.S. housing market continues to struggle. Many practices highlighted in 2009’s Trends and Best Practices report still apply. Strict Home Marketing parameters, use of buyer incentives, and formal loss on sale and negative equity provisions remain. While these benefits will underscore most U.S. domestic programs, Paragon is choosing to focus on some new themes this year as the impact of “The New Normal” is poised to take center stage.