White Papers

Visa and Immigration

This 30 minute webinar/video provides an up-to-date overview of the new Dutch visa and immigration issues and offers advice and best practice tips on expatriate mobility issues. Click here to begin the program.

The Scoop on Value Added Tax (VAT)

This webinar/video provides a complete explanation of Value Added Tax (VAT). Discover where VAT is used, what the recovery process is and when it makes sense to recover the tax. An industry expert shares his knowledge on the subject, identifies best practices in VAT recovery, and explores the options for addressing legislation. Identify the strategies involved when analyzing VAT. Click here to begin the program.

Domestic Update

Experts from the fields of home inspection, mortgage and real estate services update and educate you on the obstacles that can derail a potential sale in this webinar/video. Relocation policy implications for each of these topics are also discussed. Click here to begin the program.

Doing Business with the Dutch

Dubbed “The Gateway to Europe”, The Netherlands is considered an ideal test-market due to its small, diverse, and international population, and has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. A relocation expert from The Netherlands explores how to do business with the Dutch and helps us investigate the cultures, the people and the tax benefits in this webinar/video. Click here to begin the program.

Lifeline to Mobility: Short Sale Process

This article addresses understanding the logistics of short sales as part of a third-party homesale program: The U.S. housing market has left many homeowners in a precarious situation. With the continued decline of market values, homeowners are finding themselves locked into loans with outstanding loan balances greater than the present value of the property. For many homeowners required to transfer, consideration may be given to a short sale as one solution to avoid an out-right foreclosure situation.

Industry Trends and Best Practices for Mobility Programs

Originally founded as a relocation consulting company specializing in domestic, international relocation and global assignment program development consulting, our mission was to develop cost-effective mobility programs that offered more services to the transferring employee, at less cost to the organization. Today, we maintain an extensive consulting practice focused on global mobility issues in their entirety. Paragon’s Consultants have worked with companies throughout the world in virtually every industry to revise, develop, or otherwise build relocation programs. Industry trends contained within this report are based on a variety of survey sources, including the Worldwide ERC and Paragon’s benchmarking database and surveys. Best practices and recommendations are based upon the professional opinion of Paragon’s Consultants.

Top 10 Ways to Address Real Estate Market Shifts

Recent shifts in the economy have started to impact relocation benefits, particularly homesale programs, a key service to an efficient and timely move process. Human Resource (HR) professionals and their mobility partners have an important task ahead of them: to establish expectations within a fluctuating market for not only the relocating employee base, but for upper management on projected costs and pricing. The following provides Paragon’s Top 10 recommendations to address real estate market shifts and to invoke proactive measures with our most valued business partners – existing and potential clients.