Cross Cultural Training

Cross Cultural Training

Bridging the Gap
When accepting an international assignment, one of the assignee’s considerations is the family’s ability to adjust to their new location as well as their own professional adaptability to a foreign culture.

The value of cross-cultural awareness training assists the assignee in becoming sensitive to cultural differences. Expatriates and their families benefit greatly from this training by recognizing how culture influences perceptions, attitudes, communication, behavior, daily life and the practice of doing business.

Based on our survey, 80% of companies offer cultural training. Twelve percent of respondents offered this benefit to the assignee only, while 88% offered the training to the assignee and their accompanying families, recognizing the success of an expatriate assignment (anyone leaving their native country), involves not only the assignee but also the accompanying family members. As family members will interact with individuals of the new culture as well, their assimilation can only enhance the experience of international travel.

There are several formats used in cultural-awareness training as captured in our survey, 62% offered private lessons, as opposed to 25% offering group lessons, and 12% offering online training. Eighty-eight percent offer this benefit for long-term assignments and only 1% offers it for short-term assignments. Typically, the lengths of the training programs offered are ½ days, 1 day and 2 days with 50% utilizing the 2 day program.

Preparing your valued employee and accompanying family members for an international assignment by providing them with tools for success will not only benefit the employee but also the company.

Survey Results
Does your company offer a Cross-Cultural Training Assistance Program for relocating international assignees?


To whom is the benefit offered?

Assignee only12%
Assignee and spouse38%
Assignee and family50%

What types of relocation assignments offer this benefit?

Long-term assignment88%
Short-term assignment12%
Extended business traveler0%
Commuter assignments0%
One-way/Permanent move0%

What format of training is offered to assignee?

Private Lessons25%
Group Lessons33%
Audio-Visual Tapes0%
Online Training12%

What is the typical length of the training program that you offer?

1/2 Day12%
1 Day38%
2 Days50%

Survey Participation
The data represents results from corporate relocation professionals in the following industries:

Industrial Manufacturing30%
Consumer Products10%
Financial Services10%

Location of corporate headquarters for respondents: