Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Due to Covid-19, all 2020 in-person events and conferences have been cancelled and participation will instead be conducted virtually.

Paragon Relocation participates regularly in numerous regional, national and international events. Events represent a unique opportunity for our employees to learn about relocation industry trends. They also provide a chance for us to meet with corporate clients and prospects in person to hear what’s on their minds and how we can assist them with relocation services. As a relocation company dedicated to serving our clients, there is never enough time to meet with our customers.

Paragon Relocation traditionally attends the annual conferences for the Society for Human Resources Management and the Worldwide ERC®. In addition, we attend several annual meetings and conferences focused on the needs of seniors, whether it be assisted living or home care. Paragon Relocation recognizes the importance of eldercare when an employee considering relocation is also a family caregiver.

Representatives of Paragon Relocation or our other Paragon subsidiaries, Paragon Home Resources and Paragon Financial Resources, would be happy to meet with you during any of these events. If you’re unable to attend, or if you’d prefer to meet separately, please contact us or call (800) 888-6060.


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