Global Assignment Services at Post

Global Assignment Services at Post

With many years of experience managing global assignments, we know that an expatriate move can be an emotional experience. It is critical to address any and all employee concerns up-front, to ensure a high success rate. Incorporating our client’s culture into each step along the way also provides a level of comfort. We know how to make international assignments the exciting, learning experiences they are meant to be. Our confidence stems from working with many multi-national corporations over the years. This experience is why many companies trust us when it comes to managing their employees’ moves while on assignment. Paragon Relocation is capable of providing any and all global assignment management services required by our clients. The following services are the ones most often utilized. To contact a Paragon representative to obtain more information, click here.

Expatriate Benefits Counseling & Administration
Paragon’s International Assignment Consultants work to implement and provide continuous benefits during the global assignment. Instruction is also provided on utilizing Paragon’s online and mobile accessible relocation portal (PRISM). The Consultant will also coordinate and provide oversight for the delivery of all services and benefits at post. For international assignments this can include ensuring expense reimbursements are processed and correctly paid, including monthly rents, tuition for school, car lease payments, and allowances for housing and goods and services. Generally, unless instructed to do otherwise, Paragon provides a Consultant in the host region, enabling the employee to take advantage of local, expert knowledge in their new location.

Expense Audit, Processing, Payment and Reporting
Paragon utilizes a single platform and cutting edge technology to provide the highest level of transparency and accuracy in expense management. From service authorization to payroll interface, each transaction is managed with our PRISM system. Data flows through well-defined and controlled processes, and is monitored for accurate tax and financial reporting coding. In addition, Paragon’s robust reporting package offers many options. Our services include: 1) logging payment requests upon receipt, 2) data entry, 3) tracking, 4) auditing against policy, 5) calculating accruals of actual expenses and 6) providing reconciliations against budgeted amounts. Paragon also exchanges funds in order to deliver reimbursements in whatever currencies are requested by the client and/or employee.

Global Compensation
Companies worldwide have recognized the need to properly track and collect compensation data to achieve accurate income reporting and tax compliance. Paragon has the solution. Our model is flexible, allowing our clients to define the scope of service that best supports their compliance and administrative needs. Paragon supports home country, host country and split payrolls. Our services include: 1) calculating benefits, 2) producing payroll instructions, 3) accumulating payroll data from multiple sources and in multiple currencies, 4) collecting bonus and equity information to calculate total compensation, 5) preparing wage updates, internal payroll reporting and year-end reconciliations, 6) supplying estimates for planning purposes and 7) providing statements of accruals, budget versus actual analyses and global statements of earnings. In addition, we supply a secure portal for data transfer.

Tenancy Management
When employees are on assignment, their to-do list can seem endless. Paragon’s tenancy management service reduces their administrative demands, provides peace of mind, increases the recovery rate for deposits and usually reduces costs. The service also allows employees to focus on their jobs. The standard service includes: 1) coordinating, paying and tracking security deposits, rent and utility payments, 2) negotiating leases up-front and scheduling lease renewals or the breaking of a lease, 3) coordinating home repairs and maintenance and 4) providing 24/7 telephone support for tenancy issues and home emergencies.

Global Employee Assistance Program
Through its global employee assistance program, Paragon provides timely emergency support to employees and their families. Whether domestic or international, internal to the company or personal, solution based assistance is made available. The list of services usually made available includes emergency medical care, professional and personal counseling and critical incident management, but additional assistance can be added depending on the situation. With Paragon’s help, your employees can feel safe knowing there is a place for them to turn just in case the unexpected occurs. The service provides peace of mind when things are going well and a lifeline when people experience various crises. In reality, people can become overwhelmed by the challenges of living and working in a foreign country, by taking on increased responsibilities at work or when experiencing marital or family discord. Companies must be prepared to provide support.

Repatriation Services
Companies often report attrition as high as 40% due to the lack of an adequate repatriation program. Included in Paragon’s service is the coordination of all aspects of moving out of the host country and back to the expatriate’s home country or other location, including the rental or purchase of a new home, if applicable. Paragon’s services include: lease cancellation; handling the refunding of any security deposits; disposal of any unwanted items; shutting-off the utilities; and, assistance as necessary to ensure the expatriate departs on time. In addition, Paragon offers repatriation counseling. This is critical because repatriation is one of the most difficult phases of any global assignment. By neglecting the repatriation process, many companies lose their considerable investment in valuable employees.

Tax Assistance
Paragon Relocation offers its clients expertise and operational experience for handling all tax matters related to global assignments. Paragon’s services include audits of all tax calculations in 80 different countries, tax provider coordination, aggregation of data in multiple currencies from multiple sources, detailed reporting and the management of split payrolls across home and host countries. All amounts and calculations are audited prior to sending to the client’s payroll for processing. In addition, all expenses are available any time online through Paragon’s relocation portal, PRISM.