Group Move Management

Group Move Management

Paragon Relocation has managed group moves for corporate relocation since its inception in 1991. We know that maintaining employee productivity during the group move and a high acceptance rate among key employees is critical to success. Our approach increases the move acceptance rate for employees and imparts a contagious enthusiasm to them for what lies ahead. In fact, boosting morale to counter the inevitability that some employees won’t make the trip is a standard component of our relocation services for a group move. Through each step of the process, Paragon’s Consulting Team adapts the details of the plan to fit our client’s culture and values. Getting this last piece right can be difficult; however, our experience and expertise tells us nothing matters more to the success of the move. To obtain additional information about our Group Move Management services, click here.

Group Move Planning
Group move planning focuses on the development of agreed objectives, a corporate action plan, and an employee timeline for the move. Once planning is complete, the specific move population can be identified. Employees can also be segmented into key, important, and non-key groups to establish appropriate severance or stay bonuses to ensure business continuity. In addition, assistance is provided to select supplier partners which may be important to the move.

Demographic Study
An Employee Demographic Study is required to gather critical information about the move population. This supports policy development and accurately estimating the costs of employee benefits. The survey provides cumulative personal and attitudinal information specific to the move population, which play an important role in program design and the move’s ultimate success.

Communications Development
As part of implementation, Paragon creates a variety of communications and supporting materials to ensure employees and all stakeholders clearly understand the changes and resources available to support them. This service is critical to educating employees about the process, keeping everyone aligned, setting proper expectations and coordinating follow-up activities. A strong communication plan and informative supporting materials are critical drivers of final employee satisfaction. This effort is tailored to each client’s needs, as no two clients are exactly alike. Our service typically includes: 1) announcement scripts, 2) email introductions, 3) PDF brochures, 4) web links, and 5) orientation sessions.

Policy/Program Orientations
Orientation programs are provided to familiarize employees with the relocation benefits applicable to their move. Shortly thereafter, group orientations are held for the employee, spouse and older family members to introduce them to the new area. At these meetings, Paragon will help employees and their family members to understand the services that are available to assist with their move.

Managed Area Orientation Tours
Paragon manages Area Orientation Tours prior to a homefinding trip to introduce the employee and spouse to the new community. The tour is designed to “sell” the new community and business location and to increase move acceptance. This service includes: development of the tour itinerary, program and budget; review of all approved events and local supplier partners; assignment to a trained real estate agent to provide community orientation; consolidated billing of all tour expenses; and access to paragon staff members for any questions. Managed Area Orientation Tours are the most cost-effective means of introducing the destination area to the employee, spouse and family.

Business Continuity Planning
Paragon offers comprehensive Business Continuity Planning to ensure that productivity is maintained throughout the transition. Paragon’s seasoned managing consultants implement sessions with department management to establish the specific tasks, milestones and staff accountabilities necessary. These consulting sessions aid in the development of an organization-wide, integrated plan, which senior management can utilize as a blueprint to manage the organization during the move to the new location.

Facility Move Management
Facility rightsizing can lay a foundation for future growth and profitability. Paragon can assist with all aspects of moving office or plant contents, including: organization; move timeline review and development; adjacency studies; personnel floor plan design; planning for the physical move; developing van line bidder specifications; selecting van line carriers; establishing facility goods move costs; managing the move; purchasing of new furniture and equipment; disposing of unwanted furniture and equipment; and, developing a capital asset inventory management program. Facility Move Management services are the best means of ensuring an on-time start-up for a group move. Paragon provides complete management of the entire process. Through proper planning and phased implementation, we help our clients achieve a smooth and efficient transition.