Home Leave Benefits

Home Leave Benefits

Staying Connected
In an effort for employees on international assignment to maintain family ties and stay current with home business contacts and associates, many companies offer the Home Leave Benefit. This benefit is provided to expatriates and their dependent family members on an annual basis, for the duration of the assignment. 67% of those surveyed stated that the thinking behind offering the benefit was for connecting with business and personal contacts, with the majority allowing up to 10 days leave.

In offering the Home Leave benefit, the relocating company’s intent is to ensure a successful expatriation and subsequent repatriation. Maintaining ties with family, friends, and business associates during the home leave normally assists in a smoother, less stressful transition.

Some companies, however, provide this benefit to give the assignee and family members an “extra break” from the assignment. These companies do not require a trip to the departure location. 42% of the companies surveyed provided airfare from the point of origin, but allowed the end destination to be the assignee’s choice.

While the original intent of the Home Leave Benefit was to provide home country support, on a professional and personal level, it appears that the benefit may be evolving. Advances in technology, i.e. teleconferencing, video conferencing, email, etc. have made it easier for families to make room for other opportunities. Assignees and their families may choose to take advantage of the time to explore different parts of the world within the region where they are on assignment.

Survey Results
Does your company’s policy offer a provision for home leave?

Short-Term Assignment (defined as up to 1 year)62%
Long-Term Assignment (defined as up to 1-5 years)85%

What are the number of days allowed for home leave?

Short-Term Assignment
(defined as up to 1 year)
Long-Term Assignment
(defined as up to 1-5 years)
5 days25%14%
7 days50%14%
10 days25%71%

Is home leave deducted from vacation time?


What options are available for home leave?

Point of origin67%
Lump Sum based upon airfare to point of origin, but can go to destination of their choice42%
Family to visit in lieu of trip home42%
Cash equivalent in lieu of trip0%
Other, please specify8%

What is your company’s philosophy for offering home leave

Stay connected with home business contacts67%
Stay connected with home community67%
Provide break during assignment42%
Other, please specify8%

Survey Participation
The data represents results from 13 corporate relocation professionals in the following industries:

Industrial Manufacturing31%
Consumer Products8%
Financial Services8%