New Company Paragon Real Estate Resources, Inc. Assists Customers with Life Decisions When Moving

New Company Paragon Real Estate Resources, Inc. Assists Customers with Life Decisions When Moving

For 25 years, Paragon Global Resources, Inc., has worked through its subsidiaries to assist major corporations and their employees with human resource counseling and administration, domestic and international relocation, household goods moving services and mortgage assistance. Not long ago, we began providing some of these services to assist customers with personal moves. What we found out in the process is that we’re not just assisting people with their move or a transaction; we’re really assisting with life decisions that directly impact entire families. It’s also become clear that buying and selling real estate is stressful, so much so that some characterize it as the most stressful event in their life. This stress has created a clear need for companies that can deliver peace of mind, a finding supported by the National Association of Realtors 2015 study on Home Buyer and Generational Trends. In response, Joseph Morabito, President and CEO of Paragon, has launched Paragon Real Estate Resources.

Paragon Real Estate Resources is a reliable source people can turn to when they want assistance with buying or selling a home and more. With extensive experience in managing real estate transactions, established relationships with realtors and other real estate professionals, a sister mortgage company that is defined by the tenure and experience of its loan officers and existing relationships with the nation’s top moving companies, Paragon Real Estate Resources can provide customers the same level of coordinated service typically reserved for corporate moves, at no additional cost to the customer. Paragon also provides our customers with a single-point-of-contact to lead them through the process, in the form of their own, personal Home Resources Coordinator.

Providing trusted services and guidance isn’t the only thing Paragon offers its customers. Through its HomeMove Services program, Paragon Real Estate Resources offers rebates when its customers buy or sell a home with Paragon’s assistance. According to Joseph Morabito, “Our customers can share in commission Rebates when buying or selling a home through our company.” Some restrictions do apply, please visit for details. In addition, timing is a critical element in managing any move. When moving is not properly coordinated, it can cost customers money. The need to put belongings in storage and having to pay for temporary living accommodations are obvious examples. Paragon knows how to time each aspect of a move so customers can both save money and earn real estate Rebates.

The National Association of Realtor’s 2015 study indicates that the average amount of time people search for a home is 10 weeks. One issue is finding a suitable real estate agent. Other top hurdles, according to the survey, are 1) finding the right property, 2) paperwork, 3) understanding the process and steps and 4) getting a mortgage. Paragon Real Estate Resources can help customers with each of these important steps, especially when someone is moving to a new area. This is the advantage of working with a national company with a broad suite of services that has over two decades of experience.

About Paragon Real Estate Resources
Paragon Real Estate Resources, Inc. (PRER) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paragon Global Resources, Inc., an industry leader in relocation, real estate and mortgage services. PRER assists customers with life decisions when buying or selling a home, obtaining a mortgage and moving household goods. Paragon makes a complicated process simple to diminish potential stress in the process. When customers buy or sell a home with Paragon’s assistance, they are also eligible for cash back Rebates. Paragon Real Estate Resources assists families with life decisions and provides a single-point-of-contact to coordinate all facets of moving. For more information, please visit

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