Paragon Launches New Company Paragon Home Resources to Assist Seniors and Their Families

Paragon Launches New Company Paragon Home Resources to Assist Seniors and Their Families

Since being founded in 1991, Paragon has assisted many major corporations and their employees with human resource counseling and administration, relocation, buying and selling real estate, mortgages and moving services. In the past several years, we have also worked directly with individuals to provide several of these services. With 78 million Baby Boomers turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day, for the next 18 to 20 years, it is only natural that we support these very same customers as they transition into retirement. As a result, Joseph Morabito, President and CEO of Paragon, has launched Paragon Home Resources.

By providing a variety of services and matching its services to fit each customer’s needs, Paragon Home Resources will assist seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible. If and when it becomes time to move into an assisted living facility, Paragon Home Resources can help seniors make the transition quickly and easily. The company offers property management (a suite of services that includes arranging necessary home repairs), reverse mortgage, sorting and moving household belongings, managing an estate sale, selling the home and moving into assisted living, if necessary.

The challenge families with aging parents face today is finding a single source for reliable assistance with life decisions. Experiencing this first-hand helped bring the idea for the new company together. According to Joseph Morabito, “Because this can be a stressful time, families need a caring advocate. Communication and coordination for various home related services is one of the biggest challenges, which is why Paragon Home Resources assigns every family a dedicated, personal Home Resources Coordinator. This individual will communicate with all family members throughout the entire process, which could occur over many years.”

Joseph Morabito created Paragon Home Resources to assist seniors, based on his own personal experience with his parents over a 19 year period. After Mr. Morabito’s father passed away, the responsibility for taking care of Mr. Morabito’s mother, at 75 years old, fell on Mr. Morabito and his wife. The Morabitos experienced the stages of semi-independent living as Mr. Morabito’s mother was able to continue living in her home until age 87. It then became clear that assisted living was necessary. Mr. Morabito saw up close the physical, mental and emotional challenges that his mother faced as she advanced in age. Paragon’s new company is a response to her story, Mr. Morabito’s experience and the challenges all seniors and their families face.

About Paragon Home Resources
Paragon Home Resources, Inc. (PHR) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paragon Global Resources, Inc., an industry leader in relocation, real estate and mortgage services. PHR assists seniors and others with valuable, home-related services, including: property management and repair, reverse mortgages, sorting and moving household belongings, estate sales, homesale and moving into assisted living, if necessary. Paragon strives to provide peace of mind and expert advice. The company assists families with life decisions and provides a single point of contact for all family members. For more information, please visit

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