Relocation Insights – A Day in the Life of a Relocation Concierge

Relocation Insights – A Day in the Life of a Relocation Concierge

According to many studies, moving is one of the most stressful life events, and relocation is no different. There are many different moving parts involved, and having a Relocation Concierge there to handle the little things can result in a much better experience. With less minutia to worry about, employees can focus on what’s most important: their job and being productive at work.

The Role of the Relocation Concierge
It’s 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning, and Samuel, an executive vice president at his company, is relocating from Orlando to work in New York City for two years. John, a Relocation Concierge, travels to the destination first thing in the morning to begin preparations for Samuel’s arrival that afternoon. During their initial conversation, John learned about Samuel’s needs and preferences, including that he will be bringing his beloved dog Max with him on the trip. Dog beds and chew toys will be needed to complete the apartment. John jots down a list of everything he needs to do to prepare for Samuel’s arrival:

  • Ensure all of Samuel’s household goods arrive on time and undamaged by meeting the movers when they arrive and watching as they bring everything inside
  • Oversee the alarm and locksmith personnel while they install an antitheft system in Samuel’s new apartment
  • Make sure the housekeeper has cleaned the apartment thoroughly after the movers finish unloading
  • Schedule the delivery of Samuel’s new bedroom furniture and kitchen appliances
  • Visit the pet store to pick up some dog food, dog beds, and chew toys for Max
  • Take Samuel’s car to get detailed, so that it is in pristine condition for long-term storage. He won’t need a car in New York City, but wants to keep it close by just in case
  • Schedule an appointment with the DMV to get Samuel an updated license and new plates and tags for his vehicle
  • Assist Samuel with hiring decorators to ensure his home is as comfortable as possible and suits his tastes
  • Take Max to the vet to get the last of his shots, and ensure the pup is adjusting well after the long trip
  • Schedule a tour around town to show Samuel and Max all the hot spots to visit

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Just Like a Wedding Planner – for Relocation

One of the easiest—and most accurate—ways to view a Relocation Concierge is like a wedding planner for corporate moves. Professionals like John go above and beyond to make sure everything Samuel needs in his new destination is already waiting for him, so he can focus on his work and prepare for integration into his new surroundings. In fact, John is handling so much of the settling-in activities that all Samuel has to do is enjoy getting accustomed to his new apartment and surroundings in New York City.

Let the Planning Begin
For John, being a Relocation Concierge is all about making sure Samuel’s arrival is hassle-free and enjoyable. Part of this includes ensuring Samuel’s New York City apartment is perfect inside and out, and that involves everything from having a handyman come to install curtains to monitoring cleaning staff who prepare the apartment for move-in. John also researches all the fastest routes Samuel can take to get to and from work during the week, as well as the closest dog parks along the way. Fortunately, John has quite a network of resources to draw upon in the process. Just a few of his contacts include:

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Utility companies
  • Plumbers
  • Professional locksmiths
  • Alarm system installers
  • House cleaners/organizers
  • Painters to personalize Samuel’s new apartment
  • Decorating experts specializing in making the most of small spaces
  • Tour guides to show Samuel and Max New York City’s main attractions
  • Pet sitters and dog-walkers
  • Animal shelter volunteer groups (Samuel likes to help care for shelter animals during his free time.)

A Long Day at the Office
By Monday evening, John is thoroughly exhausted and ready to go home to his own family. Because of his handyman skills, they’ve asked him to assemble bunk beds for his kids when he gets home, so there won’t be much “down” time. However, John’s family is used to him attending to client needs at all hours. After all, this is his livelihood. That means John must be available to receive Samuel’s household goods when they arrive at his new apartment, no matter what time it is. John’s goal is to make the transition seamless for Samuel, the same way he makes going to school seamless for his children. It’s important for Samuel to be able to maintain his productivity at work while settling in.

Move-in Day
During Samuel’s move-in, John follows a detailed checklist to make sure everything has been taken care of on time and without damage. Samuel’s belongings have been shipped to his apartment in New York City, and service professionals have been scheduled to install security alarms and assemble and arrange furniture, so Samuel doesn’t have to worry about any of those tasks. John has also obtained parking permits for the moving truck and ensured the service elevators in Samuel’s apartment building are reserved for the move. In fact, John even makes sure that Samuel is greeted with a gift basket at his new apartment. After Samuel’s relocation is complete, John will be available as needed to help with any remaining needs, such as community orientations or arranging for future deliveries.