Relocation Program Management

Relocation Program Management

Managing a domestic or international relocation program requires in-depth knowledge of various subjects, including real estate, mortgage financing, shipping household goods, global compensation and benefits, tax rules and regulations and financial reporting. Constant change complicates matters exponentially. Paragon Relocation can manage the process as an extension of our clients’ human resources, payroll and supply chain functions. We provide the people, infrastructure, technology, expertise and insights corporations need, all packaged together in our relocation program management service. Working together we can achieve our clients’ program and strategic objectives. To learn more about our program management solution, please contact us directly.

Account Management
Service delivery is coordinated and executed through a single point of contact, the Paragon Account Manager, who manages a client’s entire program and every detail underneath it. This pivotal role ensures effective program administration, excellent customer service and program updates, or changes as needed. Our organizational structure empowers our Account Managers to make important decisions and involve additional resources as needed. We strive to prevent or deal with all issues when they are reported and before they become a high visibility problem. The benefits of our model are heightened accountability, simplicity, quicker response times and a true client advocate within Paragon’s organization. Our Account Managers are also financially incented to beat deadlines, respond quickly and always deliver the best service.

Benefits Counseling & Administration
Paragon’s Relocation Consultants contact each employee to explain their benefits, what services we provide, the employee’s role and responsibilities, the steps in the process and how to utilize Paragon’s online and mobile phone-accessible relocation portal (PRISM). Thereafter the consultant acts as the employee’s single point of contact, developing rapport the more time they spend together. Ongoing communication takes place according to the employee’s preference. The employee’s spouse/partner, if applicable, is encouraged to participate. All consultants are available via phone, email, video chat, PRISM and text; plus, they can be reached in the evenings and on weekends. The same Consultant handles all administrative duties, including the management and coordination of suppliers.

Quality Assurance
Owned, reported and monitored by the Account Manager for each client, quality management is a daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing exercise. Best-in-class quality approaches integrate quality management into every activity and discussion versus setting aside time to conduct periodic reviews. Paragon never stops talking about quality and collects input and feedback from a wide array of sources. We track and monitor an extensive list of metrics and KPIs, client surveys, employee surveys, exit interviews, proactive service calls and ongoing verbal solicitation of feedback. In addition, our management employs root cause analysis and six sigma teachings, a fact-based, data-driven approach to optimizing processes, driving continuous improvement and achieving better results. Quality service is our top priority at Paragon; better employee satisfaction is the result.

Reporting & Analysis
Better technology means better reporting. Paragon’s customized relocation portal, PRISM, is our single repository worldwide, for all program data. On demand, it provides real-time information from around the world, instantly. Other companies often have to manually aggregate data from multiple systems, but not with PRISM. PRISM comes with standard reports pre-populated, but client-customized reports can be added at any time and Paragon will accept ad hoc or manual requests as well. Our turn-around time is among the fastest in the industry. All reports are available in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, PDF and HTML. Example data includes: employee initiations, file status, expenses, tax gross-ups, supplier payments, budget variance, exceptions, home listings, homes closed, etc. Our clients benefit by knowing exactly where their program stands at all times and in whatever detail they prefer. In addition, cost projections and budget variances are at their fingertips, 24/7.

Cost Management
Paragon analyzes existing programs’ performances and looks for opportunities to save costs or to re-deploy resources and funds in more productive ways. In meetings with Paragon’s Account Manager, the findings of our due diligence will be presented and discussed. Topics could include: 1) comparisons of actual and budgeted expenses, 2) reviews of exceptions and the reasons for them, 3) benefit utilization, 4) average days on market for homesale, 5) average days for temporary accommodations, 6) employee satisfaction ratings, etc. We understand that reducing or containing costs is a top priority for all companies. Paragon acts as a true partner for its clients, caring as much about our clients’ businesses as we do about our own.