Building an Effective Relocation Program

The objective for each functional area in an organization is to find efficiencies and produce tangible savings. At the same time, HR must balance budget concerns with efforts to attract and retain talent. In this webinar/video, Joseph Morabito, Founder and CEO of Paragon Relocation, offers insight and recommendations to maximize both. Click here to begin the program.

The Robbie Report – Relocation Management Companies

We’ve all read the exciting news about large companies relocating their corporate offices to North Texas. This kind of progress brings thousands of new people to the area, providing an extra boost to our already flourishing local economy. These moves also provide an opportunity for companies such as Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty to lend a hand in the relocation process. It can be complex work, however, of critical importance to companies moving from one part of the country to another. Ginny Taylor is our Senior VP/relocation services. “Best schools and neighborhoods generally drive all relocation purchase decisions,” says Taylor, who has worked in the real estate and relocation industry for nearly three decades. Ginny and her colleagues have developed high quality partnerships with relocation companies assisting employees who are making moves. One of the tops firms that we work with is Paragon Global Relocation. Click here to continue reading.

VAT 101 – an Introduction to the Value Added Tax Affecting Relocation Services

VAT or “value added tax” is charged on goods and services purchased by relocation companies and their clients. Many believe that VAT is applicable only in Europe when in fact this tax is common throughout the world. Currently, approximately 145 countries in the world have implemented a VAT or GST system, and the OECD has been known to say that “the spread of Value Added Tax has been the most important development in taxation over the last half-century” (OECD—International VAT/GST Guidelines. Centre for tax policy and administration—February 2006). Because VAT may have a significant financial impact on your business, regardless of its location or whether you are the client or service provider, it is important that managers in the relocation industry have a good un­der­standing of what VAT is in order to avoid any unnecessary costs. Click here to read the Worldwide ERC® introduction to VAT taxes.

Down, But Not Out

How are HR and relocation professionals finding ways to cut costs in order to ride out the recession? It’s no secret that The Great Recession has forced companies to make some serious cuts. From scaling back hiring to freezing salaries, it seems almost every facet of business has slowed — including relocations. When trying to cut costs, it’s hard for employers to get around paying for big-ticket items such as housing or schooling for children. Click here to see what Joe Benevides, former senior vice president at Paragon Relocation, and others say is the best way to tackle cost-cutting.

Going Out to Bid for Relocation Management Services

As you go out to bid for relocation services, there are critical components in evaluating supplier partners that you should consider. Price, while important, may not always be the most important factor in choosing your future supplier partner. In this webinar/video, we take an in-depth look at all the criteria that you should consider and examine best practices in the bid/proposal process. Click here to begin the program.

Managing Relocation for Shared Services Managers

Managing numerous human resource and talent management functions is challenging even for the most experienced professionals. In this webinar/video, Joseph Morabito, President and CEO of Paragon Relocation, offers insightful information on how to best administer the relocation aspects of your responsibilities and build an effective relationship with your relocation management provider. Click here to begin the program.